Michael Glass creates art in a studio, located at his home in Greenville Ohio. He has been painting and drawing since the 1990s. He was born in Columbus Ohio in 1973. He grew up in Westerville Ohio, and attended school in the town of Sunbury. He attributes his pursuit of fine art to teachers and friends exposing him to drawing and painting.  He is also thankful for two loving parents who created an open environment to explore different types of art medium.

He studied at Columbus College of Art and Design from 1993-1997. He recalls this as a very challenging and rewarding part of his life. His focus of study was visual communications. He had a strong love for illustration but also enjoyed the graphic design world.

After college in 2000 he married a wonderful woman and later the couple brought a daughter into their world. Michael has worked mostly as a commercial designer for ad agencies and retail. Up until today, exploring fine art has been accomplished by many late nights and early weekends of painting and drawing. His ultimate goal is to be a full time studio artist creating many pieces of art.

Artist Statement:
The driving force behind my art is exploration. The search for and discovery of narratives or stories, defines my perspective on life. The intent of my work can range from the composition of a simple still life to a deeper undercurrent of social matters. I’m forever in a state of learning and observing for it is a role that well suits me.