Studio Notes and Me Rambling

Draft Horse. Summer Acrylic Size TBA.   34x41   10/18 Studio Notes: 10-1,2,3 -18. This past summer I had photographed images from the horse pull at the Darke County fair. The images were downloaded to my computer. Days later I thought they were gone. A few weeks passed by and I thought I would do one [...]

  • Sand Steps. End of a Walk. Artist: Michael Glass

Sand Steps. End of a Walk.

Title: Sand Steps. End of a walk.Medium: AcrylicOriginal Artwork Size: 18”x24”Artist: Michael GlassYear: 2018 This painting was inspired by an early morning walk I took on Carolina Beach. The first morning light hugs the coast and adds a drama to what will soon be a bright hot flat landscape. The morning offers longer [...]

  • This fisherman of Kure Beach. Artist: Michael Glass

This Fisherman of Kure Beach

This Fisherman of Kure Beach That first cast. The throw of the hook and bait. It is the splash that switches an internal button to bring focus to one’s self. To me; fishing is meditation. I have fished in lakes and ponds. Angling in the great ocean is on my bucket list. In the past [...]

  • A Farm Through my Window. Artist: Michael Glass

A Farm Through my Window

A Farm Through my Window. 24"x18" This painting is about a spring morning and the rising sun A couple weeks ago before starting a busy morning I was stopped in my tracks. The farm across the street was bathed in a warm early morning sunlight that was simply beautiful. I wanted to paint [...]

A walk with Seagulls

What I love about this painting is the mental walk I can take through it. The warm sun, the sounds. It all comes back to me. I took my inspiration right off Carolina Beach and brought into my studio and on my canvas. I was here at this site. I hired the seagulls with a [...]

Nest painting

    Detail     I created drawings from life Graphite study. 14x11 Here is a quick oil study Oil paint study of nest 2. Oil on linen. 14x11”. By Michael Glass Own this painting today. $180.00    

Old tractors meet my paint and brush

The subject matter in this oil painting are of 3 abandon John Deere tractors set on a rolling landscape of scrap farm equipment. I visited a junkyard  in late January 2018 to search out ideas for landscape painting. I was blessed with 50 degree sunshine and discovery. Title: Tractor 1, Proud Stories Size: 24”x18” [...]

Nest in Tree

Nest in Tree I painted this work back in 09. It had been tucked away in corner. I had been hiding it. At the time of completion I did not like this painting. Maybe the plan result never came to light or I just was not feeling great. Fast forward 7 years and i feel [...]

  • Blue Bird Fence Post painting by Michael Glass

Bluebird on Fence Post

When driving around Darke County in western Ohio, I often come across a quick visual treat. A bluebird zipping low over fields and grasslands of the farming community I call home. Once you learn what a bluebird looks like they are often hard to miss. My wife always reminds me that they look like grumpy [...]

  • Rhino painting by Artist Michael Glass

Rhino in Black and White Painting

This painting is not so much about the subject, but the exploration of black and white. They are the basic colors most artist start out with when learning art. It's good to step back. I felt the need to look at the basics: value, line and shape. I’m combining this simple limitation while still creating [...]