Pheasant and Fox

This original canvas artwork by Michael Glass depicts a pheasant caught in a state of surprise by a passing fox. The fox also appears to be caught off guard, pleasantly surprised even, by the presence of the pheasant. It’s a tale as old as life itself, a creature is forced into ‘fight or flight’ in [...]

Sketching bees,flowers and thinking of late summer

The painting starts here This has been a mild winter. Later this week I believe we will get snow. With no hope of warm weather in the next 10 days, I smile and think of the summer that will be. My summers are mowing grass, playing soccer with my little girl, observing distant thunderstorms, drinking [...]

  • Monarch on Blue. Artist Michael Glass

Monarch on Blue

Because Monarch Butterflies are among the most beautiful of all butterflies, they are considered by many to be the ‘king’ of butterflies - hence the name ‘monarch’. Much like the butterfly transitions through its various stages, from egg to caterpillar to pupa to finally an adult butterfly, this expressive painting of a gorgeous monarch butterfly [...]

  • Blue Bottle. Artist Michael Glass

Blue Bottle Painting with Flowers

Blue Bottle Painting with Flowers.

Blue Bottle Sketch

Blue Bottle Sketch I woke up the other day thinking about old bottles. In particular, the blue ones. An image came to mind that was not completed. That is what I’m going to paint. This composition will be a  partial thought of a blue bottle. The bottle will hold some sort of flower or flowers. [...]

Sunflowers In Field

  Sunflowers In Field Sunflower lovers rejoice! Here you have the opportunity to own a beautiful painting featuring sunflowers in a field. This expressive, abstract artwork has a very relaxing feel to it - but contrasting that relaxing feeling is an impending storm that can be seen blowing in from the distance. While observing the [...]

American Flag Number 4

  usa flag art