Sketching bees,flowers and thinking of late summer

The painting starts here

Bee Sketch Artist Michael GlassThis has been a mild winter. Later this week I believe we will get snow. With no hope of warm weather in the next 10 days, I smile and think of the summer that will be. My summers are mowing grass, playing soccer with my little girl, observing distant thunderstorms, drinking wine with my wife.God I love summer. Its those thoughts that fill my head when I sketch or randomly doodle. I draw and think, think, think, draw, draw then SNAP! an idea takes shape and  I start to see the beginnings of a painting.
I tell myself stories when drawing. On this sketch i can see a silly hungry bee. It will be disproportionately fat to its little head. The thick overweight legs will grasp the yellow center of the white Aster. Can this old frail flower support the massive weight? How will the variations of yellow play with each other.