Rhino in Black and White Painting

Rhino painting by Artist Michael Glass

This painting is not so much about the subject, but the exploration of black and white. They are the basic colors most artist start out with when learning art. It’s good to step back. I felt the need to look at the basics: value, line and shape. I’m combining this simple limitation while still creating expressive art in my ever evolving technique. This painting feels more like a drawing.


The image is of a black rhino. While I  was painting I could not help but think about the trials this endangered species faces due to man’s stupidity. These majestic creature’s home can be found in South Africa. There are roughly 200 in North America that are in captivity. The black rhino is considered small to other rhino types even though they weigh in at 4000 lbs (heavier than my Toyota Camry) . The animals are illegally hunted for their horns which mostly consist of keratin. This substance is used  in traditional asian medicine and ornamental products that are found on the black market. In the 1960s there were over 70,000 black rhinos. Today it is estimated to be around 5000. I hope these wonderful animals will be able to stick around.

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Best Rhino Song ever: https://youtu.be/3IyTipBayj8

Artwork Specifications

Title: Rhino in Black and White

Dominant Colors: Black White

Medium: Mixed

Original Artwork Size: 40”x30

Artist: Michael Glass

Year: 2016


Rhino painting by Artist Michael Glass

Rhino painting by Artist Michael Glass