A commissioned fine art painting is the result of a creative journey that combines the expressive needs of the patron along with the artist. The success of this effort depends on trust and open communication. The hand-crafted painting is a one-of-a-kind bookmark of emotion and memory. It is my goal as a fine artist to deliver your personal vision with care, so that the completed artwork will be openly welcomed in the walls of your home or business.

The Process

To begin the creative journey, please contact me by submitting an online form. On this form please take time and share any possible type of information about your future painting, such as: size, color, image references, etc. I highly encourage open dialogue during the process of creating artwork. After I receive the online form, I will contact you with questions or to schedule a conversation about your future painting.

The Timeline for Canvas paintings

  • Phase one: Thumbnails
    A series of digital drawings will be emailed to you. These drawings or thumbnails, are rough sketches. The images are very simple in detail. During this phase a conversation or email communication may occur. This communication will result in additional changes to idea or approval to move onto the next phase.
  • Phase two: Line drawing
    This is where the artwork starts taking shape. A single and more refined line drawing is created. This drawing, like in the the thumbnail phase, is presented for changes or approval
  • Phase three: Value drawing
    At this phase the drawing is filled in with shading and shadows. The black and white drawing will have more of a 3 dimensional feel. Depending on the subject matter or style of art this phase maybe skipped.
  • Phase four: Painting!
    For me, this stage is the reward. After hours of drawing out ideas the painting comes to life. Once all the color is added and has dried, a high resolution photo will be emailed to you for approval. Minor changes may be possible at this point.  



The price of each commissioned painting mostly depends on the size. The minimum fee for a commissioned piece of artwork is $400. 50% of the payment is due up front and 50% due upon completion. Changes to the painting, additional calls, meeting times, and handling fees, etc, are billed at an hourly fee of $40/hour and are due upon shipment of artwork. Shipping fees apply.

Are You Ready?

I look forward to hearing from you. In my 30+ years as an artist, I have learned that the key to successful image is not just painting, but listening. After I observe your questions, conversations and Ideas I will utilize my God given talent and focus to create a great work of art.

Is this the right time to express your story through paint? Or are you just interested in learning more before committing to this personal process? Click here to start