Sunflowers In Field


Sunflowers in Field. Artist Michael GlassSunflowers In Field

Sunflower lovers rejoice! Here you have the opportunity to own a beautiful painting featuring sunflowers in a field. This expressive, abstract artwork has a very relaxing feel to it – but contrasting that relaxing feeling is an impending storm that can be seen blowing in from the distance. While observing the painting, the viewer is transported into the middle of the field amongst the sunflowers. You can almost feel the wind in your face and smell the coming rain. The further you gaze back into the landscape, the more abstract the shapes become. In the background you will notice telephone poles positioned alongside the sunflower field. These poles are reminiscent of crosses reaching towards the sky. A common sight in the countryside, the telephone poles combined with the stormy skies and the sunflowers themselves brings a very calming feeling to the painting’s viewer.

The Sunflowers In Field design is a perfect addition to any sunflower-themed collection, and also makes an incredible stand-alone piece!

Artist’s Inspiration

To create this work of art, the paint was dropped, thrown and dragged across the canvas in an expressive manner. If you look closely you can see the individual dots of paint that combine to make up the landscape. When I set out to do a painting featuring sunflowers, my first instinct was to place a couple of sunflowers in the center of the painting. However, this would have resulted in a very static painting. Therefore during the planning process I asked myself “What if we put the viewer in the center of a sunflower field?” From that thought the concept took off.

Detail View

Sunflowers are interesting in respect to the variety of surfaces and structure of the flowers. There are these fragile brilliant yellow petals that are connected to these round abrasive dark disks. The flowers are supported by thick green cylinders that reach to the heavens. It was the structure of the sunflower that I drew my inspiration from. I plant a variety of Sunflowers in the spring and summer because I enjoy their simple beauty. From one little seed, out will jump this giant only to fade away and transform into feeding the birds. I enjoy working with visual flows in my paintings and this subject matter lent itself nicely to this concept. I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I did creating it.
Artwork Specifications

Title: Sunflowers In Field

Dominant Colors: yellow, blue, green and scattered earth tones
Medium: Mixed
Style: Expressive Impressionism
Original Artwork Size: 50”x45”
Artist: Michael Glass
Year: 2015

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