Work in Progress:

Here is what is next. I’m starting out with an underpainting. This phase of painting gives me a chance to plan and move. My focus at this point will be just the value. As long as that falls into place my color will follow. 40×30. Sunflowers and mason jar. Acrylic

1-29: Update. Several paint sessions have passed. That rough vision from December is starting to take shape. The challenges faced are the ground color (support for jar) and how to break up the background. Too much and the stars of the show (flowers) will start getting lost. Too little and I feel like I will invite this sense of a blah feeling. Turn that fabric into a rolling ocean of water?Colors have been mapped. The paint is starting to pull away from something safe. I really want to break this painting while at the same time holding onto a sense of reality. A memory.The close up shot of the jar is an area I seem to avoid. There are some design issues creating unwanted tension. Maybe overlap of yellow pedals past the jar will help. That could help create more depth.

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