Dragonfly. Rising Above

Dragonfly. Rising Above. SOLD 24×18

Last year I noticed a new season filled with Dragonflies. They were spectacular. For many summer nights those efficient hunters zipped across the dusk sky. My wife, daughter and I marveled at the volume in numbers. There must have been hundreds. I kept the memories of those guys in my mind over the winter months. I anticipate their return but have let them into my art.

This painting that I created, features a dragonfly high above a landscape background. As a viewer, we are high in the air. There is no middle ground the back and front mix. Areas of the subject almost blend away and then rebuild. There is a vibrating motion to the whole painting. The title: Dragonfly Rising Above relates to how we rise above challenging events. The dragonfly represents happiness and transformation.

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I use Fine Art America for most of my print needs. I have worked with this team for few years and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my art through their incredible craftsmanship. They offer many options in custom artistic prints. You can place an order for a  reproduction of my art on wood, stretched canvas and paper. They also have wonderful framing options, which is perfect for that perfect gift to a loved one or yourself. When you purchase one, please feel free to let me know.  I would love to hear from you.

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