Studio Notes and Me Rambling

Draft Horse. Summer


Size TBA.   34×41



Studio Notes:

10-1,2,3 -18. This past summer I had photographed images from the horse pull at the Darke County fair. The images were downloaded to my computer. Days later I thought they were gone. A few weeks passed by and I thought I would do one more search. Poof. There they were. Right where I obscurely left them in a folder hiding from light.


When I look at photos, I’m not causal. I lose track of time. I relive the moment. Freezing the objects I move around the space. Stories from thin air are created about the scenes. Weight and incredible energy was all I could take aways from the moments of watching these magnificent beasts. What was God thinking when he created these gentle giants? Hmmm lets give these animals the strength to cut open the land, outweigh-eat- drink anything on a farm, but fill them with loving grace. Ok the loving grace part for you horse lovers out there might be stretching it. But this is my story. My thoughts

Darke County fair 2018. Horse pull

Immediately its the lines that jump out at me. These lines reach past the horse into its own environment and fading off. Subtle to strong lines bring my eye back.


Drawing into wet paint is nothing new for the artworld. It is a much more different approach for me. I have always prepped large drawings. Transferred to a dry ground and then start painting. The drawing always felt lost or a suggestion. I love the preliminary drawing being part of the art. Lines add visual excitement and energy. For this painting I first placed a black layer, dry, apply white layer, draw into wet white layer, dry , build shapes and create direction


I love the primitive feel to this image. Like a cave drawing it is simple and to the point. But there is an essence of realism that I injected into this work.  Abstract vs Realism: This is a constant pull as an artist. Where do I fit in? Abstract vs Realism. Where do I want to be. I’m doing my best to be honest in what i want to paint.


This is a painting of a sketch of a painting. The surface is no longer destroyed repaired and destroyed. It is a combination of planning, marking and rest


I allowed this painting to rest visually. Stopping and observing hours or a day later will show my eyes something new. I paint in my head when I walk away from the canvas. If in the morning my first thought of my day is to get back to work, then I am on to something. Letting the art process time to rest will show  you the twig on the tree in the forest.


Painted canvas black with black acrylic paint

Painted canvas white

While wet, Draw into the wet paint. The black lines underneath are exposed

Once Dry. Apply black paint using hand, brush, syringe



Solid shapes of black and a little white were flooded into the horse painting. Something started clicking towards the end when I wrapped up the right side. Left was somewhat done. Had incredible fear before starting this session. Not sure what that was all about. I wondered about this style and future applications of color. Transparent color would look cool. Why not bring War Conflict into this style. I go back and forth on this issue


I love the motion of the horse lunging to the left. Its titled Horse pull and that is what the viewer is presented with. Usually there are 2 horses on a horse pull team. I witnessed this animal digging into the ground.With hooves sunk into the ground he went into this slow motion run that picked up steam.  


Window painting: 7 years of glass window painting has started to peek into my canvas work.  It is the loose application of paint. The quickness. Each stroke is thought first then executed. I rely on the optical mixing to create a realistic image.


Memory, Dream. That happy place between awake and sleep.

The image is in the process of falling apart. The shapes are breaking. This moment will soon pass


Working with such limitations of two colors sets the stage for a quick conclusion. It is immediate. The image is raw. It is tribal to its core. I feel closer to my spirit as an artist than most of my planned pieces. That’s not to say I have the right answers for art. I’m getting close to something here.


Next painting with this technique? Consider transparent color application.

Hi There! You got carrots?

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